Corporate Commitment

We are committed to configuring need-based solutions as a trusted partner to business with seamless solution centricity to remain the most reliable friend to the stakeholders, both internal and external. We believe that our responsibilities extend beyond business. We behave ethically and honestly in all our transactions with clients, partners and employees.


“Our vision is to enrich the life of each and every one who interacts with us as client, business partner, Muzirian or stakeholder. We aim to liberate their human potential by providing them a satisfying and fulfilling experience in every aspect of their association with us. We envision ourselves to be a liberator of human spirit and dreams”.


Our goal is to be the trusted associate of all our customers across a wide spectrum and a source of pride to our employees and shareholders.

Our Core Values

Trust creates the core of every brand. At Muziris, we win the trust of our customers through formulating and focusing on competent solutions and unflinching service support thereby becoming a Trusted Partner. Muziris offers robust solutions that are efficacious, customized to suit every single requirement of the business. Muziris synergizes and works together as the Most Reliable Friend, integrating and building businesses for sustained growth. Through transparency in dealings and solution centricity, we consciously create the image of the most reliable friend.

Customer Delight

We understand the needs of customers and our aim is to delight them through a combination of operation excellence, industry expertise and transformation capabilities. Our focus is to work with our customers to achieve their business goals and partner for the next level of improvements in order to attain competitive advantage. A true customer centric approach results in business longevity and deeply committed customers.


2015 – Launched Mobility Solution
         – Launched Muziris Healthcare Management System

2014 – Became a member of NASSCOM

2013 – Launching of Muziris Juel IS – ERP for Jewellery

2012 – Launching of version 3 of Muziris HCIS – the Hospital Management System – Revealed the new Logo and Tagline

2012 – Muziris Retail solution implemented in UAE

2011 – Started JCI Muziris Cochin – a joint employee development programme with JCI

2010 – Received ISO 9001 – 2008 certification

2009 – Implemented MEE – Muziris Empowered Employee Programme

2008 – Became the 12th managed Microsoft ISV in India

2007 – Retail IS launched in Bangalore

2006 – Launched Server based computing architecture

2005 – Launched Agriculture ERP – Agromis

2004 – Implementation of HCIS for Malaysia

2003 – Introduction of the fifty stepped procedure for development & maintenance of Muziris projects

2002 – Malaysian operations started

2001 – Paperless ERP for Ayurvedic hospitals

2000 – Launched flagship ERP for Retail

Solves . Liberates

Managing the business effectively involves complex processes. Most enterprises get caught in the spiral of having to manage and integrate the processes while scaling up business. Muziris customizes solutions to suit specific requirements of clients and addresses all internal maladies paralyzing an organization. The rectification of process inaccuracies, correction of functional flaws and solving of complex problems are all done through simplistic models.
Muziris solutions liberate human mind from the entanglement of the ordinary, providing its business custodian the true insight. It opens up new channels of change, creates greater opportunities that accelerate business growth through simplified operations. This is the technological emancipation that gifts your business real liberation.


Business Application & Enterprise Solution (ERP)

Enterprises need technology expertise backed by deep industry knowledge to successfully execute business agendas with robust IT strategy initiatives. To achieve competitive advantage, organizations are looking towards adopting technology driven business models to build their IT infrastructure. Muziris partners with clients across industries to solve complex business challenges by reforming their technology landscape in sync with business strategies. Muziris achieves this through business transformation, product innovation and efficient operations, leveraging robust business application expertise across pre-packaged business applications, functions and technologies.

IT Infrastructure Management

As business needs increase, enterprises require advanced solutions so that they are able to respond to these needs and render value. Enterprises require an IT infrastructure that is quick and flexible to keep up with the market demands. We provide a variety of ITMS services where we meet the hardware and networking requirements of our clients. The services offered include giving expert advice on machine configurations, hardware and network purchases and their settings. Our dedicated team of staff are there to provide all the necessary support services to clients.Wehaveenabled enterprises adopt new technologies while optimizing their IT infrastructure.

System Integration

Some of the main challenges faced by organizations on their path to growth are complex technology and rapidly evolving business environment. Therefore, there is a need to understand the complexities of IT environment.
We extend our expertise in system integration to ensure that the technology is aligned with yourbusiness objective irrespective of the nature of organization. We provide the right tools and methodologies for your enterprise’s needs, combined with our vast knowledge and experience. As a part of the system integration activities, we incorporated on-line booking and payment facility, sms for supplier payments, attendance punching for payroll to name a few.


Agro MIS

Juel IS

Retail IS

Healthcare IS



Work Environment & Ethos

Muziris has a clearly defined set of values and beliefs, which justify our purpose of existence and underpin all our activities. We are proud of our company values and are committed to delivering them consistently. Our organization is characterized by the following values

Equal Opportunity Employer
The company subscribes to equal opportunity principles, respects merit and empowerment of all professionals regardless of their gender, experience or socio-economic background.

Operating with Integrity
Muziris seeks to lead in workplace and market place integrity by respecting the human rights of everyone touched by our business, and by enforcing legal and financial compliance. We operate with utmost integrity in every facet of our business. Integrity is one of the most important attributes we are trying to inculcate in our people.

Work and Life Balance
The passion that our people bring to their work extends to their own private worlds, and Muziris as a responsible employer is committed to enabling a healthy balance between the two. We encourage our people to meet their work commitments while balancing their own life responsibilities.

Customer Oriented
We are committed to understanding the changing needs of our clients and our business evolves in accordance with their requirements.

Delivering value for money
We understand what constitutes true value for money for our clients and ensure they always receive it from Muziris. Our clients can depend on us to deliver our promise every time.
In Muziris, we are passionate about what we do. Our culture, values and growth opportunities are marvellous. Our people-focused culture contributes to mutual respect and open communication.We share values of openness, collaboration, innovation and focus on customers. Our passion for building business and relationships has earned us the trust of our clients and our people.
At Muziris, you can work with people who are able to challenge conventional thoughts, offer unique perspectives and generate innovative ideas. You can enjoy sharing information and exchanging knowledge with these people. We provide a wide range of opportunities to Muzirians to grow and excel in their career. Our employee-oriented activities include:

Training and Career Enhancement
Muziris recognizes the value and importance of continuous training of our employees. We encourage our employees to develop their work and life skills in order to achieve personal, as well as career goals. To this end, we support employees in acquiring additional and relevant knowledge, as well as ensuring their work projects and assignments complement and accelerate their individual development. Our training and development programs begin on the very first day and continue throughout the career of an employee. Our probationers go through a series of seminar schedules during their training period that emphasizes on self-learning. The idea behind seminars is to share knowledge and information among the group.
We identify the core skills of our employees that are to be honed during different periods of their tenure with us and respond through a systematic and well-structured manner to the training needs of Muzirians. We organize seminars, in-house technical and personality development trainings and also sponsor employees for seminars and workshops outside the organization.

Muziris Empowered Employee
Muziris Empowered Employee (MEE) is a certification programme, implemented with a view to continuously evaluate our teams on their progress in their respective domains. This is an innovative way of empowering Muzirians to recognize and achieve their career goals and gain in-depth domain knowledge. MEE has several levels
Muziris Empowered Programmer (MEP)
Muziris Empowered Senior Programmer (MESP)
Muziris Empowered Software Engineer (MESE)
Muziris Empowered Senior Software Engineer (MESSE)
Muziris Empowered Systems Engineer (MEHE)
Muziris Empowered Manager (MEM)

TechCo, SDC, BTG
Muzirians take pride to be members of Technical Committee (TechCo), System Design Committee and Blaze a Trail Group, technical groups that are involved in the crucial strategic decision making of the organization.
TechCo was constituted with the objective of ensuring the participation of senior personnel in the crucial decision making process of the organization. TechCo consists of 10 members and its term is one year. TechCo team is elected through a ranking system which evaluates and ranks the performance of all the members of the existing TechCo. And based on the ranking the new members are decided. 70% of the current TechCo members will be retained every year and remaining 30% will be refilled with fresh members. Existing TechCo members will nominate the new members. TechCo meets every month to discuss about various technical and administrative aspects of the organization and give report to the management.
System Design Committee (SDC) was formulated on 19th APRIL 2011. The objectives of SDC are Knowledge Management and Standardization. SDC is active for all maintenance projects. They review and approve the design changes in maintenance projects. SDC consists of two committees – Proposal Committee and Ratification Committee. TechCo recommends the members to both these committees. The term of SDC is one year.
Blaze-a-trial group (BTG) was formed to foster the culture of research and development in the organization. The activities of BTG include innovating/inventing new techniques and adapting to the changes taking place as a result of the innovations. BTG has few permanent members and besides the permanent members anyone who is assigned a defined task becomes a temporary member of BTG.

Muziris Awards for Excellence
Muzirians are the greatest asset of the organization. We recognize and appreciate outstanding performers every year during the annual celebrations through the awards given below in the order of merit.

Best Developer Award
This award is given to relatively junior technical team members who have exhibited outstanding performance during the current year. Technical team members who are confirmed and have not completed 4 years of service in Muziris as on September 30th of the current year are eligible for this award. TechCo team of the current year will nominate for this award.

Technical Competency Award
This award is given to technical team members who have done wonders with their technical competence during the current year. Award winner is decided in a democratic manner. All the members in the eligibility list shall nominate any eligible Muzirian for the award. The winner will be decided from the final shortlist.

Most Valuable Muzirian Award
This award is given to muzirians who have added value to the organization through their knowledge, skills, attitude and dedication. All confirmed muzirians are eligible for this award.

Muzirians believe in having a good mix of fun and work. MUZmeet is the perfect stage for our employees to exhibit their hidden talents. It is also a venue for talent spotting. This get together is organized on the last Saturday of every month. It is celebrated with lots of fun and entertainment. We celebrate the birthdays of muzirians and the meet also includes cultural and knowledge sharing activities. Muzirians are enthusiastic about MUZmeet as we feel that it is a platform for the new joiners to become integrated with the Muziris culture and also for the older Muzirians to reinforce the bonding between them.

Muziris Celebrations
Muzirians exhibit team spirit and collaboration during the celebrations conducted in association with Onam, Christmas, Deepavali etc. During Onam celebrations we divide ourselves into four teams and compete in various competitions that last for a month. The feelings of belongingness, sharing and caring are displayed in all these competitions. We conclude the Onam celebrations on a high note with Pookkalam, cultural programmes and OnamSadhya. Our annual celebrations are conducted in connection with the Christmas party. We normally have a full day programme with annual meeting and indoor and outdoor games and various cultural programmes.

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